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Good sentiment in the Eurozone, with inflation expectations increasing

The surge in public opinion The European Commission’s economic confidence index increased to 101 points in March, up from 93.4 in February, which was slightly better than the consensus of […]

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After a difficult February, the high street in the United Kingdom is facing headwinds.

Retail in the United Kingdom has improved to some degree. In February, UK retail sales increased by 2.1%, despite the fact that it was yet another difficult month for the […]

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USD: Doing a great job of regaining ground?

As we near the end of the week, there are few indications that what we see as a corrective dollar bounce has reached its conclusion. This week’s agenda includes a […]

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Eurozone bank lending doesn’t point towards an investment recovery yet

Bank lending growth to the private sector was stable at 5.1% year-on-year in February while household borrowing growth held at 3% YoY and has been falling slightly since October. A […]

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USD: The US dollar is poised for a good second quarter.

As we enter a new quarter, the dollar anticipates strong US growth and a story on how much of Joe Biden’s $2.2 trillion infrastructure bill makes it through Congress by […]

Inflation in the eurozone is rising, but systemic weaknesses must be considered.

In March, headline inflation in the Eurozone rose from 0.9 to 1.3%, owing primarily to rising energy prices. Despite dropping oil prices in the middle of the month, gasoline prices […]


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    Continue learning. The learning should not stop in trade, as in any other profession. You need to constantly work on your existing skills and be ready to adjust to new […]

  • Trading Recap – Why Most Traders Fail?

    Most aspiring Forex traders unfortunately do not ever achieve the success they desire when starting out. There are a number of psychological errors at work here that contribute to failure […]

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