• GBP: EUR/GBP is still clinging to the 0.8540 support level.

    The virus’s patterns tend to be somewhat different on both sides of the English Channel, and as long as this is the case, EUR/GBP should remain under pressure. Despite concerns […]

  • GBP: seems to be a better bet than EUR.

    In the United Kingdom, the data was mixed: unemployment fell more than anticipated in January, while inflation fell against market expectations in February. In terms of inflation, UK economists see […]

  • CHF: Are Poland’s winds of transition blowing?

    The Swiss National Bank meeting in March generated a few surprises, and the EUR/CHF exchange rate barely moved. We are generally positive on this cross, but believe the EUR must […]

  • NZD: The downside danger is that the currency would depreciate.

    The New Zealand dollar has had a particularly bad week, losing about 2.5% against the US dollar and falling below 0.7000 for the first time since November. The decision by […]

  • YEN: 110 under strain

    Also without the aid of higher bond yields, the USD/JPY continues to impress, reaching 110. While we would have expected most of these purchases to be FX hedged, Japanese purchases […]

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