• Why Should You Consider Your Losses?

    There are possible defeats. It’s a reality as true as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Everyone will get a bitter taste of defeat sooner […]

  • Another Top five lessons in psychology trading

    Continue learning. The learning should not stop in trade, as in any other profession. You need to constantly work on your existing skills and be ready to adjust to new […]

  • Trading Recap – Why Most Traders Fail?

    Most aspiring Forex traders unfortunately do not ever achieve the success they desire when starting out. There are a number of psychological errors at work here that contribute to failure […]

  • Forex Event Analysis: What You Need to Know

    Forex news are essentially economic variables that can be thought of as catalysts for price movement in the Forex markets. The school of thought known as “Forex fundamental analysis” essentially […]

  • Top Five Lessons in Psychology Trading

    Know when to finish. Off-days happen to the best of us, so don’t beat up too much! There are instances when sitting on the sidelines is better. Of course, good […]

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